NU Meal Plans

prudent plan


Eating well is the cornerstone of overall health. If you want to have optimum nutrition to maintain lifelong health while reducing the risk for diseases in the future, the Prudent plan is perfect for you.



Nutrition is important while exercising so that your body can endure your workout, recover from it, and get stronger. This plan is designed to provide you with the adequate fuel through proper nutrition that’s vital for optimal athletic performance.

Marvel Plan


Slimming plays a fundamental role in improving your overall health, much more than you would ever have imagined. If you wish to lose weight, whatever may be your reason, the Marvel plan is best suitable for you.



A therapeutic program that provides the nutrition therapy specific to the medical condition that you may suffer from. Nutritional & lifestyle modification interventions mitigate the negative health effects of lifestyle disorders.



The Detox plan helps you to rediscover your health, vitality and beauty. It helps in improving your digestion, energy levels and sleep, and thereby improves your concentration, skin tone and immune function of the body.

Yet to be started
food intolerance updated-02


The Vigilant plan is a special program designed for people who needs careful attention to a particular food intolerance, in order to avoid or prevent any physical reaction arising from an allergenic food.

NU does not oblige you with a full day menu. You may choose to join us for Convenience plan, where you have a comfort of selecting 2 meals + 1 snack or one meal with one snack. Please feel free to contact our customer service to know more details about our programs.

“To keep the body in GOOD HEALTH is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind STRONG and CLEAR.” – Buddha