What people are saying about us

I thank NU foods every day because it reminds me of what a “portion” should be and what a “balanced Meal” is!……not to mention what “delicious” can taste like!

Ali Mohammad

I am thrilled with my experience so far with NU foods!

Khalifa Ahmad

I really looked forward to each delivery and it wasn’t very hard to stick to the plan when there was so much amazing food and variety.”

Najla Jassem

NU foods is the BEST home delivery service available. Not only the food is fresh & delicious but the choices are also endless.

Ahmad Mohammad Essa

I love the extensive variety of choices with menus that change each week as I am never bored.

Salem Sultan

I really like the convenience and satisfaction of NU foods, it makes me understand how to eat properly. I feel increased level of energy and well-being. With NU foods, I’m able to make long term life style changes. Unequivocally it is the best in all aspects, and I can’t imagine ever switching.

Khamis Al Shamsi